Thursday, October 7, 2010

R.U.B.Y. by Kaley Elizabeth

R.U.B.Y. by Kaley Elizabeth is such an adventure and I am loving every second of it. For those that do not know, I buy jewelry and accessories that are in style/season from Designers all over the US and resell. I watch trends, the runway, magazines and anything I can get my hands on to determine what I buy. At this moment, I have all my pieces at my home boutique but my goal is to be store front in 3 years.

Because my pieces are not visible to the public at all times, I have made the decision that every week I will be featuring a new R.U.B.Y. piece.

This week is a super fun necklace that anytime I wear, I get compliments! It's a silver flower bib necklace priced at $14. Ginnifer Goodwin is wearing a similar piece and just looks amazing.

If you are interested in this necklace, please email me at

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