Thursday, February 25, 2010

Order is in...Be fashionable in Spring with my help!

I received a big order last night and I couldn't be more excited! R.U.B.Y. is in full swing and I cannot wait to show off my recent purchases. From handbags, necklaces with matching earrings, watches, rings and bracelets. All the items are trendy and affordable. I am in the process of working with a photographer to get some nice shots but I wanted to post a few here. If you are interested in purchasing, email me at or call me at 248.807.0302.

Fringe is totally in (I got this bag in black as well):

Celebrity Inspired Hobo Bag:

Gold Geneva Watch:

Flower Ring..I have more where this comes from:

Earrings and necklaces galore:

This is just a preview. I have more cute necklaces, bracelets and rings. Get ready for Spring and look fashionable while doing it with my help!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Fashion Week..What to Wear Spring Fashion 2010

For those who didn't know, this past week was Fashion Week. All the stars were hitting shows like L.A.M.B., Jason Wu, Isaac Mizrahi and BCBG just to name a few. For someone like me, it's the best time of year!

With that being said, I have decided to pull the 4 hottest trends from Fashion Week and show how someone like you and me can pull these outfits off.

1. Soft - Soft can mean either texture or color to different people. This season, pick any article of clothing in jersey, cashmere or silk. This will ad a layer of drapery that will smooth over curves simply. Comfort doesn't have to be compromised in order to pull off this look.

Pair this silk camisole from J Crew with a pair of straight leg jeans and a Gladiator sandal. The top comes in 7 colors and all are beautiful for Spring.

2. Gray/Silver - This color will quickly separate you from the black pack. Gray is softer on the skin than a black or navy. Shiny silver on the other hand, is more mysterious instead of flashy.

Gray’s best feature is that it highlights line and detail. So choose fabrics that emphasize cut and craftsmanship. Gray pairs beautifully with red. There is no need to go over board with silver because you are already shimmering. So try dramatic makeup instead.

First top is by Cynthia Vincent and can be found at BlueFly. The second top is a Ruched Sleeve Blazer from Topshop.

3. Prints - Designers are given the ability to come up with amazing patterns and designs that were not even a thought 10 years ago. Stamped, woven, handpainted or silk-screened all bring an amazing detail to the table than ever before.

Knowing my friends as I do, too much print will send them running. So everyone needs to ask themselves, how much attention do you want to attract. A printed skirt with pair nicely with a neutral top or a patterned shirt with pair nicely with skinny or boyfriend jeans. No matter what, please remember that these garments and accessories must satisfy a “noncompete” clause!

This dress can be found at Urban Outfitters.

4. Shorts - This is my favorite trend for this Spring! There were so many shorts on the runway during Fashion Week. From pleated, poufed and cuffed. The reality of this trend is you need to be comfortable showing off bare leg if you want to pull this look off smoothly.

This look is easier worn in the company of friends and family, in an informal setting. If you want to dress it up, pick a longer short. Otherwise embrace the trend and go all out!

These shorts can be found at Urban Outfitters.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

“It's really hard to walk in a single woman's shoes -- that's why you sometimes need really special shoes!” Carrie from Sex and the City

One of the most difficult thing's a woman has to deal when getting dressed or going shopping is how to dress for her body type. There is a big misconception that wearing baggy clothes helps conceal any imperfections a woman might have. I can tell you, that is not even close to true. Below are four figure flattering style tips. I hope you are ready to turn heads in a good way!

1. Biggest Fashion No-No - Pairing a baggy, loose shirt on top with a full bottom will do nothing for your shape. You will simply look round. Try accentuating your smallest part by pairing a wide leg pant with a fitted shirt or a miniskirt with a longer top, etc. The boyfriend jean is a great trend that can achieve this look when paired with a fitted button down. Find this jean at

2. The bigger the belt, the better - The best kind of belt to slim yourself down is one with a little stretch (i.e. nylon). Wider belts will actually make you look smaller. Carmen Electra pulls this off beautifully!

3. Nude Shoes - The nude-color heel is a top trick in the celeb style handbook. You can wear this shoe with knee-high skirts and dresses and it will elongate your legs nicely. Pick a pair up at (check out Colin Stewart Nude Platform Pump.

4. Take off pounds instantly - Match your pants or skirt, stockings and shoes and you will instantly appear 5 pounds lighter. Try all black and you will love what you see. Color and pattern is a great way to spice up your wardrobe so if you are also a believer in this, slip on a pair of bright shoes to shake things up.

If you are in the Detroit area and want a staple accessory, email me at

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Valentine's Day Fashion - What to Wear?!

The big day of love is coming up in a little over a week - you excited yet? This Valentine's Day I am going to be doing some wining and dining with my fiancĂ© and friends. To me, that is the best way to spend a day that is all about love. Now that I have an idea of what I am doing, three words are starting to loom over my head..."What to wear?" The first questions to ask is, am I going to wear something old, or get something new. New isn’t always better and you just might have something already in your closet. If you need help finding the right thing to wear, I have some idea's based on location of what a girl can pull together, look fabulous and feel amazing. Be sure to also wear popular Valentines day colors such as red, and pink and white. Men love red!

1. Keep it casual - Like me, if you are planning on going to dinner with a special someone and friends, this is your chance to throw on a pair of sexy shoes and romantic necklace to look and feel amazing. Check out Express' Beaded Flower Bib necklace or Long and Layered Flower Chain Necklace ( if you are looking for a statement piece. P.S. They even have a Buy 1 Get 1 50% off right now. And shoes can really make an outfit when you are having a casual dinner with friends. I like to put a spin on animal print and pair leopard print booties similar to the one's at Newport News for just $29 with skinny jeans.

2. Sporting events don't have to be sweaty - When I think of style at a sporting event, I immediately think of Eva Longoria Parker. She is the epitome of keeping it fabulous in a not so fabulous place. Pair a neutral (grey, black, brown, cream) long sleeve-T or long sweater dress with black tights and black boots. Add a silky scarf, silver hoops and a fedora for an extra punch of wow.

4. Formal V-Day - I would be lying if I said I would be a little out of my comfort zone with a fancy formal Valentine's Day. But I think I have just the right outfit for this type of occasion. The one shoulder dress is the first dress that comes to mind. See the dress below from Victoria's Secret. It comes in an assortment of colors. I would go with the red for Valentine's Day.

4. Surprise Date - Do you not know where you are going for Valentine's Day? The excitement must be driving you nuts. I saved this type of date for last because it may be the most difficult to determine what to wear. If you really have no idea where you are going, here is what I would recommend. A dressy blouse with jeans. It's not too over the top but jeans help keep the look casual.

Also, if you are in the Detroit area and want a staple accessory, email me at

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

'I don't do fashion, I am fashion.' Coco Chanel

It's the second day in February and I am so tired of the cold weather. Granted, I live in Michigan and just last weekend it was 50 degrees, I am fully tired of the dark and dreary days. I am even starting to get in a fashion rut by wearing the same old sweater and jeans for the past 2 months. Instead of ditching my entire wardrobe all together, I think we should evaluate 5 ways to beat the Winter-wardrobe Woes.

1. Slowly bring back bright colors — just wear one pop of color at a time. For example, pair a bright pink skirt with a neutral black top and black jacket. Even throw on a pair of black tights and black booties and it will add a touch of glamour.

2. Bright tights - I am sure we have seen bright tights popping up in some of our favorite stores. Well, we need to fully take advantage of this boost of color to kick start our every day skirts, dresses and accessories.

3. Blazers are NOT for Bankers - It is no longer the case where blazers should only be worn with dress pants. A blazer and button-down paired with a colorful scarf is perfect for client meetings and running around the town.

4. Faux-fur Vest - I am thinking that you may own a puffy vest. Old Navy is the King of puffy vests. That is just a guess and I apologize if that is not the case. Instead of the puffy vest, try a faux-fur vest. This piece of clothing serves a couple purposes. One, it will keep you warm when the temperature starts to drop. Two, it will turn an average going out outfit up a notch. No need to throw on any accessories when you wear a top like this.

5. Winter Shorts are a Go-Go - What is the difference between a skirt and tights and shorts and tights? In my opinion, nothing. It's a fresh look that will change up a blah winter wardrobe. Please note that I am not referring to a pair of jean shorts. Choose a heavier fabric (i.e. wool) and pair with a sweater and boots.

If you have any questions on how to stay clear of winter blues, email me at