Monday, August 30, 2010

Over the Knee Obsessed

I can honestly say I am obsessed with the over the knee boot for this Fall. It is not like this was not an ultra chic trend last Fall. I just wasn't sure if I was ready to take it on in. Well, I have turned over a new leaf in the past couple weeks and I am ready. Here are a few pairs that have caught my eye.

Colin Stewart at Victoria's Secret - $134.40 (with coupon). Also comes in black and at the top of my list.

TopShop - $210

Chineese Laundry at Amazon - $65

Can you see yourself in any of these boots this Fall?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Walking In Style

One of my favorite trends this Fall (and I have a couple) is leopard print. I have chose to focus on leopard print shoes but I also adore an animal print clutch, scarf, skirt or whatever piece stands out. The key to wearing any animal print is in modesty. Too much and you will look like a jungle cat. Just the right amount and you will be walking in style.

Which pair would you wear?


3. 4.

5. 6.

1. Christian Louboutin - $855
2. Jessica Simpson - $110
3. Nine West - $89
4. Mossimo at Target - $29.99
5. Tory Burch - $355
6. Newport News - $49

Friday, August 6, 2010


Some fabulous R.U.B.Y. pieces are on sale. If anyone has bought some of my jewelry, you know this is an amazing deal. Check it out!!

Multi-Color Boho Bracelet
Regular: $10.50
Sale: $8.00

Animal Print Bracelet
Regular: $12.50
Sale: $10.00

Gold Geneva Watch
Regular: $18.20
Sale: $14.50

Blue Hat with Black Bow
Regular: $12.50
Sale: $10.00

Brown Wool Hat with Belt
Regular: $12.50
Sale: $10.00

Brown and Black Multi-Layer Beaded Necklace
Regular: $10.00
Sale: $8.50

Silver Heart Earrings
Regular: $5.00
Sale: $4.25

Gold Heart Earrings
Regular: $5.50
Sale: $4.00

Teal Multi-Layer Necklace
Regular: $8.00
Sale:  $6.00

Long Ivory Beaded Necklace
Regular: $8.30
Sale: $7.00

Long Blue Beaded Necklace
Regular: $10.00
Sale: $8.50

Pearl Double Strand Necklace
Regular: $6.60
Sale: $5.00

Multi-Layer Bracelet with Latch
Regular: $9.00
Sale: $7.00

Silver Drop Heart Earrings
Regular: $5.00
Sale: $4.25

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Splurge or Save

Vintage Inspired One-Shoulder Dress - $61.99   

One-Shoulder Lanvin Dress - $985

I am all about the one-should dress. I think it's ultra feminine with a hint of sex appeal. It's ok to bare a little skin and step outside the box. I was searching around my new favorite online boutique and found this one-shoulder blue dress with ruffles on the shoulder. Love it! And, it's affordable. On the other hand, Ellen Pompeo is pulling this one-shoulder Lanvin dress off perfectly. The only difference is a hefty price.

So...what would you do? Save or Splurge?

Monday, August 2, 2010

Traverse City Trip

I can honestly say these past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind. During the whirlwind, we spent a couple days in Traverse City, Michigan. We had an amazing time driving through the vineyards all the way to Mission Peninsula, eating at a Bistro, taking Ruby to a dog beach and walking around the city. It was amazing!

After breakfast and a coffee at an adorable restaurant, we went to a dog beach. I have never seen Ruby so spastic; and trust me, she is a spaz.

I chose a simply blue and white stripe top from Forever 21, a pair of skinny jeans from Banana Republic and sunglasses from Forever 21. This outfit was comfortable and perfect for a day full of activities.