Monday, June 28, 2010

R.U.B.Y. Out and About

Nothing makes me more happy than to see R.U.B.Y. jewelry out and about. Whether it is dinner with friends, an outdoor wedding or to the grocery store, seeing someone wear a necklace or bracelet and looking great is just about as wonderful as chocolate cake...and I love chocolate cake!

This past weekend, a good friend went to an outdoor wedding in Northern Michigan and wore one of my favorite R.U.B.Y. pieces. It's a gold tone petal necklace in brown, aqua, pink and cranberry crystal cuts. She wore a black cotton dress and neutral cardigan. While the dress she wore was casual, the necklace took it up a notch and pulled the outfit together nicely.

She said, "The necklace was a hit!" Thanks for sharing, Carrie!

Necklace - $40

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