Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How to wear a scarf!

Can you guess what one of the top fashion accessories is in America? Don't know? It's scarves! Celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Brad Pitt, and Rihanna have been seen around town wearing this trendy accessory. Most think that scarves are only a fall or winter look used to keep warm, but these ornaments of fashion have moved into the styles of spring and summer as well.

I have been asked quite a few times over the past month what are the different ways someone can wear a scarf. So this entry is dedicated to those who were wondering. See below for a list of five fashionable ways to wear scarves and the rules on tying them.

1. Bandana: The bandana scarf is quickly becoming the most popular way to wear a scarf this summer. The lightweight material of the bandana makes it the perfect accessory for a day out in the heat.

Get this Look: Fold the scarf in half, corner to corner. Next lay the triangle on your chest with the point facing the floor, then wrap the other ends around your neck and tie.

Note...Don't want to look like a cowgirl? Stay away from western-style prints, like paisley. Also, once the bandana is securely tied, angle the point to add extra style and oomph to your outfit.

2. Looped: A looped scarf is the most common style worn.

Get this Look: Place the scarf across the back of your neck and let both sides hang, but leave one side slightly longer than the other. Next, take the side that is longer and wrap it around your neck, moving it around your head one time. The scarf should end where you began turning it, now having a loop around the neck and the scarf ends hanging down across the chest on both sides. It's that easy!

3. Off-the-shoulder: This look has the ability to add that extra punch to a plain outfit. Cameron Diaz does it flawlessly below.

Get this Look: To achieve this look you will need a scarf that is quite wide as well as long. It needs to expand from shoulder to shoulder. You will want to loosely drape across the shoulder to the back, followed by the opposite shoulder, and lastly across your chest to the shoulder you began with. Remember to keep the shrug loose while you wrap.

4. Drape - So easy and yet so trendy.

Get this Look: Lay the scarf across the neck with the center at the middle of the back of the neck. Play around with colors and textures.
This look is ideal for men and women alike. Play around with the color and texture of the scarf.

Note...One important rule when wearing a scarf is to keep it simple. If dressed in a pattern or printed fabric, a solid color scarf is all you need. On the other hand, if you are feeling daring...spice up your look with fun, colorful plaid or bright colors.

And just for fun...check out some more fun styles...

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